led by catalyst, Iris Shiraishi

ensemble-MA or e-MA creates and performs taiko and taiko-based music that connects and energizes its audiences. We explore not only the space between sounds, but that which exists between instruments, styles, ideas, and ultimately, between us all.

e-MA and its educational arm TaikoAlive!, strive to authentically engage all interested audiences. Both focus on making their offerings accessible and available to those who have limited access to this powerful and empowering, culturally rich art form.

This Japanese MA ("mah") means space or interval between structures and is an important concept in the Japanese aesthetic. In music, Ma is as, or more important than, the actual sounded note.

e-MA is also dedicated to learning the wonderful music of the Shinto shrine - Edo Bayashi and Edo Kotobuki Jishi - as taught to us by master artists Suzuki Kyosuke (Wakayama Shachu) and Kenny Endo (Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble/Taiko Center of the Pacific).

ensemble-MA is a group of friends who share a love of taiko-based music and believe in the community it builds.

Ensemble Ma Group Edit.jpg

Alex Lubet, guitar, base, ukulele, dulcimer
Sara Ochs, vocals
Sarah Senseman, taiko
Iris Shiraishi/catalyst, taiko & fue
Susan Tanabe, taiko & vocals
Arlene Teraoka, taiko
Jennifer Weir, taiko & sanshin
Mary Zilge, taiko & vocals