You make taiko happen.
Together we can keep the beat going!
Support taiko onstage, in our schools, and in our communities!


  • to see amazing taiko performances throughout the year?

  • taiko taught in our schools?

  • to learn and experience taiko for yourself?

  • to support taiko artists?

  • new work and voices to expand and diversify what taiko can be?

  • to share in Japanese and Asian American culture and traditions?

  • to bring world renowned guest artists to MN?

  • to celebrate and support Women in Taiko?


Our heartfelt thanks to these wonderful supporters:

The McKnight Foundation
John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
Minnesota State Arts Board
Metropolitan Regional Arts Council
St. Paul Cultural Star
Elmer L. & Eleanor J. Andersen Foundation
Performing Arts Japan
F.R. Bigelow
Asian Pacific Endowment, The St. Paul Foundation
Taiko Community Alliance
Theater Mu

MN Taiko
Heather Jeche, Cat Eye Designs
Dan Le, Le Law Group
K. Davis Senseman, Davis Law Office
Commonwealth Properties
Susan Yuen, Yuen Designs
R.F. Moeller
Bobby & Steve's Auto World
Bob Schmitt, Laughing Waters Studio
Hopey's Heart Foundation
JK's Table

Founding Donors

Angela Ahlgren
Greg and Penny Anderson Charitable Fund
Claire Avitabile
Peter Baker
Victoria Barkley
Judith Bonhiver
John Boru
Julie Brekke
Peter Brosius
Allisa Brunner
Michiko Todokoro Buchanan
Marie Burnett
Patrice Calvelo
Eric Celeste
Marilou Chanrasmi
Evelina Chao & Fred Bretschger
Jeff Chen
Yurika Chiba
Dr. Myung Cho
Jennifer Cho
Caroline Cho
Rose W. Chu
Tomkin Coleman
Michelle Connor
Mikki Connor
The Dederowes of the Bay Area
Bill Deef
Hailey Gabriel
Keiko Doi
Dan Donkers
Bruce & Vicki Duncomb
Jeff Ellsworth
Richard & Camilla Ellsworth
Andy Eng
Katherine Evans
Patricia Fair & Randy Arnold
Dennis Fithen & Karin Frank
Rori Flewellen
Russell Flewellen
Karin Frank
Pete Gabrail
Aaron Godfrey
Heather Gondreau
Goodale Family Foundation
Rachel Gorton
Sue Gray
Jacques Gregoire
Stacy Gregoire
Sherry Gwegorryn
Tully Hall
Deb & Bill Handschin
Marit Hanson
Susan Hasti
Mike Hughes
Tracee Hummel-Tanabe & Susan Tanabe
Curtis & Rosalie Jensen
Elizabeth Kane
Anne Kessing
Stephan Kieu & Julia Timm  
Su-Yoon Ko
Christine Kubo
Junko Kumamoto
Sarah Lancrain
Susan Larson
Kathryn Leo-Keast
Jessica Lilang
Kris Lockhart
Pamela Lott
Frederick H Lott Jr
Maren Mack
Robert Mack
Kylie Malcolm
Susan Mau Larson
Patrick McCabe and Sue Minor
Lisa McDaniel
David Melbye
David Micheau
Amy Miller
Kristin Milner
Zaraawar Mistry
Hiromi Mizuno
Mollien Family Foundation
Kim & Peter Park Nelson
Ryan North
Dan & Chiaki O'Brien
Sara Ochs & Adam Whisner
Emily Park-Goldsmith
Barbara Pierson & Paul Patton
Ross & Gail Peterson
Michelle Quialia
Laura Rawson
Dave & Marty Raymond
Randy Reyes
Donald Riley
Jeanie Rowe
Marc Sammartano
Donna Sandberg
Jeff Sandeen
Bob Sauer
Kathy Schoen
Patt Seleen
Sarah Senseman
Rick Shiomi & Martha Johnson
Iris Shiraishi & Alex Lubet
Deb Silverstein
Carla Smith
Caitlin Smith
Penelope Snipper
Daniel Soderstrom
Maniko Solheid
Joe Stanley
Maren Stoddard Mack
Pinggy Stolee
Leslie & Karen Suzukamo
Teresa Swartz
Nick Temali
Arlene Teraoka
Charissa Uemura & Kristin Turnblom
Pear Urushima
Emma Valentine
Diana Valentine
James Valentine
Nicolas Valentine
Ken Wachtler
Terry Walker
Joseph Walton
Jennifer Weir & Megan Smith
Emi Yoshimura & Shoji Kameda
Hiroshi Yoshino
Karen Young
Susan Yuen
Mary & Brad Zilge



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